What to Look for in an Appliance Repair Service?

5 Key Factors to Consider

It’s Sunday morning, and as you are stuffing the first load of laundry inside the washing machine, you set the dial and push in the knob. You wait for the sound of rushing water to fill the tub, but nothing happens. You grab the yellow pages to look up an appliance repair service in Orange County, only to discover dozens of ads, in all shapes and sizes.
If you have never come across a similar issue, then you likely have no experience dealing with an appliance repair company. At this point, it’s necessary to consider a couple of factors pertinent to decision-making. Keep reading to learn about the do’s and don’t’s of hiring a contractor to repair your home appliances.

1. Always Look for an Experienced Contractor

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a service for appliance repair Orange County is their experience. A good contractor should be able to identify the problem that keeps your stove, oven, washing machine or refrigerator from working, which is possible only if they have dealt with a similar situation in the past. Keep in mind that different appliances require different reparation skills, and you cannot expect a company with very little experience to possess them.
Ask the contractor about their years of experience, and whether or not they have addressed similar issues in the past. Once you identify two or three appliance repair companies that appear to have enough experience to fix your electronics, you can move to the next step.

2. Ask Lots of Questions

To determine whether a specific contractor would be suitable for your particular needs, you need to ask questions – lots of questions actually. How long have you been in business? Are you insured? How much would you charge for this repair, including any trip fees, call-out fees, parts and labor? Is there any guarantee on the work performed by your company and installed parts? Depending on the type of appliance that needs to be fixed, you may also ask whether they have repaired it in the past, and for how long.
We suggest that you pay very close attention to how your questions are being answered. The company’s approach should be a combination of friendliness and professionalism, and they should be willing to give compelling answers to all of your questions. If you notice even the slightest hesitation, consider looking for your contractor elsewhere.

3. Ask for a Corporate Reference

One way to identify a good Orange County appliance repair company is asking for corporate references. Most businesses that have hired an appliance repair service in the past can successfully point out the positives and negatives of a specific company, offering compelling recommendations about whether you should hire them or not.
A reliable appliance repair service should be able to provide at least two or three corporate references – and once they do, you should free up ten minutes of your schedule to call those companies and ask about their experience. If they cannot provide you with these references, then they certainly aren’t reliable, so consider finding another company.

4. Do They Have Emergency Hours?

There are times when your washing machine, refrigerator or dryer might stop working in a critical moment, and you may need to call an appliance repair service at a later hour. A good company should provide services at these emergency hours as well, so make sure that their service is 24/7. Keep in mind that calling an appliance repair service after hours might add extra fees to the cost of the reparation.

5. Don’t Shop Price Alone

Most experienced, skilled and knowledgeable contractors come with a hefty price that not everyone can afford. Don’t shop price alone. There is no point in spending $50 less on an appliance repair if you cannot use your washing machine, dryer or refrigerator for longer than two months after the reparation took place. You can expect to pay between $184.63 and $282.40 for the appliance service in question, though cost depends on a number of factors, including the type of appliance that needs to be fixed and the manufacture year of the appliance.
Final Word
Don’t rush into hiring the first appliance repair company in Orange County that you come across. Do your research and make sure to keep an eye on the above-mentioned factors to choose the best service in your area. Consider asking friends and relatives for references, as they should be able to suggest a few companies that you can hire to fix your broken appliance.